We’ve reached the end of another eventful year. I’m still alive so I’m thankful for that. Spent Christmas at the house this year, which was pretty relaxing but missed seeing my brother who came home from Korea to visit the fam. The next few days are going to be a doozy.  After that, I’m going to get back on track with my hardcore weight training. I’ve been taking additional time off from the gym as my body has been wearing down. My finger is still jacked as well so that’s not helping. My therapist is going to give me a new spring-loaded finger thingy that will give me more mobility so I’m looking forward to that. As far as the projects are concerned, the heads and I have watched/edited two rough cuts of the film and recorded 6 promos at this point so we’ve made lots of progress. It looks like we’re about 5-6 mos off of our projected completion date for the film but its totally going to be worth it. I’m still working on Issue 5 due to all of the last minute corrections. Also, the official Eidolons T-shirt is on sale at You can use the group pic to place on any type of shirt you can imagine. Additionally, it can be placed on baby onesies, coffee mugs and phone cases. 25% off of all phone cases!!! Check it out! Eidolons Shirt

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