Promoting your stuff.

I’m no expert at promotion or business. . .I’m your average run-of-the-mill knucklehead, but lately I’ve noticed something. Over the last four years (since the start of the publishing of the comic), I’ve been promoting a lot of organizations (comics, bands, beers, etc.) more than my own stuff. On the band promotion thing, I have over 10 t-shirts of relatively new bands that are now defunct. I have millions of Marvel/DC Tees. I have only four of my own. . .well technically three since I can no longer fit into the first one I created (all them gainz). This being said I’ve made a more conscious effort to promote my stuff. For example, I just bought a new samsung galaxy s6. The vendor asked me if I wanted a protective case. I declined because I had one created with my comic book stuff on it and it was cheaper than what I would have bought it for through verizon. The other piece I’d like to address is the support network. Since inception, there have been organizations and individuals who have been supportive of my endeavors. The favor should be returned in kind whether it be financial or promotion. I have a lot of friends who have small businesses or are major investors in a business. And for those who actually have t-shirts, I sport them on the regular–that, I don’t have an issue with. My problem is spending money on promoting something that no longer exists and or/getting nothing back from promoting said organization. For those who are starting new endeavors on the business front. . .just some food for thought.

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