Short Film “The Prophecy” Announced!

Eidelons Prophecy Productions launches pre-production “Eidelons: The Prophecy”


Detroit, Michigan–Detroit based company Eidelons Prophecy Productions launches pre-production with “Eidelons: The Prophecy” written by Chris Regner and based on the action-packed comic book “The Enhanced: Eidelons”.

The short film focuses on three young adults with personality disorders and extrahuman abilities who are fugitives from the government after escaping a holding facility in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula a year prior. One day, they decide to go bowling in the outskirts of Metro Detroit. Upon entering the bowling alley, they run into members of a destructive cult and all hell breaks loose.

Ken Baker Jr.– director– and Chris Regner– screen writer/producer– have identified shooting locations and have begun casting talent for the film. Among the talent is SAG actor, AJ Allen, based out of New York City. Allen will be playing the role of Fredrick Foit, a reformed criminal/assassin with hypervigilance personality disorder who can move at blazing speeds. “I actually run that fast in real life. This will be cake,” joked Allen.

“When I started writing ‘The Enhanced: Eidelons’, I never imagined a short film being done a year later,” said Sani McPherson. “Many writers are tied too close to their intellectual property, but I trusted Chris with the story. He came from so many awesome angles and perspectives with the script that I really had no choice but to let him run with it.”

Principle photography is scheduled for February 2013 in Detroit, Michigan.


Ken Baker Jr. Productions is a video/movie production company based in Detroit, Michigan specializing in music videos, commercials, documentaries, short films, and feature length productions.