Soundgarden King Animal!!!!

If you don’t know. . .now you do!!!  Soundgarden’s new album King Animal has officially been released.  I’m listening to that bad boy as I type this.  I am so in the zone right now.  I really don’t know what to do with myself!  My ears are very happy to hear the guys rocking on an album that I newly own.  My favorite song on the album is By Crooked Steps.  That song makes me want to grow horns and start headbutting people.  I love that riff!  Now is this their best album ever?  No.  Badmotorfinger is and always will be.  If you disagree with that, we can talk about it by the bike rack.  Chris, Kim, Ben, Matt. . .thank you for coming back.  I really hope this inspires the current rock bands out there.  Now that I think about it, Alice N Chains is getting revved up for something.  The demigods of rock are awakening!!!!  LET’S GET IT!!!!!

So today was my first day of lifting heavy in 4 months. . .and let me tell you. . .the shock that went through my body when trying to move the amount of weight that I’m used to moving. . .whooo. . .After a couple of sets I got back in the groove and was good to go.  Looking forward to getting most of my strength back without the excess weight.  All I wanted to do today was sleep and now I’m going to get that opportunity after I’m done writing this.  Overall, it was a pretty good day!

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