Wanting To Throw Things

Let’s not even get into the football aspect of this rant >.<  Teams not doing what they’re supposed to do and making lame mistakes.  The film Cloverfield. . .I knew there was a reason I didn’t watch it when it played in theaters.  I had the same feeling when I finished watching The Happening.  I just wanted to throw something at the screen at the end.  The Cloverfield overall concept was ok (overlooking some major plot holes . . .the actions taken by the young adults were just not believable– AT ALL!  Where did the creature come from?  Why was it sent?  Why was it ticked off?  Why are you still running with that blasted camera?  When told your death would be guaranteed by running in a particular direction, why did you run in that direction. . .in skirts and heels. . .ooooh. . .what if this was the prequel to Starship Troopers?!  Those little creatures looked just like the arachnids. . .oooh. . . .

The good news is that I will get to throw things. . .in the gym tonight!  That aggression has to get taken out somewhere.  Oh and if you haven’t been tracking on FB. . .or if you don’t have a FB/Twitter account  the Dark Mirror profile pic was completed by Stefano Marinetti.  I think it looks pretty sinister myself.  Again, DM will be debuting along with the other AOE members in Issue 3, which will be completed at the turn of the year some time.  I’m really looking forward to it.  Other than this, I’m just trying to close out things over here so I can get back stateside and resume a semi-normal life again. . .lol.  I have to go eat now so uhh. . .peace!





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