Back in Blue!

My old buddy from college swung through today.  It’s always good to see George!  One of the few people who got to see me in full idiot mode on a daily basis.  I look forward to him and his family moving to TX!  It would be great to see them more often.

U of M is back at #2 on the AP so I’m cool again.  Let’s try not to blow it again.  We haven’t been “legit” in basketball in awhile.  I think the past couple years have been more luck than anything.  This year, we could do some serious damage and I’m really looking forward to March Madness.  It’s almost time!  Game Faces!!!!!

If you haven’t seen the promo for Issue 3 drawn by Stefano “The Bull” Marinetti, you need to check it out below!  I’m stoked about Issue 3 because it really sets the conditions for everything else. . .that being said, Holly is working with me to redesign the original title of the the comic.  This is going to cool as all day.

It just got real!

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