Countdown to Second D-day

We have successfully disposed of Michigan State. . .now we have one more regular season hurdle– Ohio (or whatever they’re being called now).  I know I’m backwards when I say that I’d rather lose to OSU than MSU, but that’s the way it is.  USC, you clowns better smoke ND this weekend!  You were the first University that I ever talked about attending!  And I had a USC hat at a kid.  I wanted to play football for your program until I woke up. . .another skeleton out of the closet. . .lol.

Okay. . .so what’s going on. . .oh yeah, I will be bouncing out of this place in a couple of weeks. . .Lord willing!  We’ve been getting a lot of stuff done while I’ve been sitting in exhile.   All Eidelons uniform profiles have been completed. . .now I can move on to the other groups.  I know that I’ve been keeping the next profile pic closehold, but I’m probably going to let the cat out of the bag in the next few minutes.  I just got the pencils in for it and it looks sooooooooo sweet. . .the artists that I’ve been working with just keep coming from different perspectives and making my pencils just lame.  That’s why they’re artists!  The next pic will be brought to you by none other than Stefano Marinetti.  The next pic is going to be Dean Frinovskii aka Dark Mirror! There. . .I said it!  I really want to thank Dan Foster for the creation of the character and Eric Lee for helping me adapt the character to the rules of our universe.  I’ve been in love with the said character for a long time (2005), but I will go into more detail on the character once the pic is finished!

I really need to do a shoutout to Halestorm–  I love these guys!  I hope they stick around for a long time!  Shatterline, congrats on your new single– may you have many more– Keep reppin’ the Midwest!  And speaking of Midwest. . .Stay Golden out of Chicago. . .I never thought that I would ever listen to punk pop ever again, but you proved me wrong!  Great EP!  Keep rock alive!

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