I Told You

That Devin Gardner was the truth!  And I know that we can’t go back and change the jacked up decisions that Hoke has made as far as the QB situation is concerned.  At least we’re set up for next season.  It sucks that we won’t have Denard at tailback, but whatever. . .we’ve got a decent stable of running backs.  My other prediction about ND sneaking into a championship game is coming to fruition as much as I dislike it.  Something seriously needs to happen with that!  I don’t know what happened to MSU. . .the only word I can come up with is suckage.  As I really start to think about it, I don’t really dislike the team so much. . .it’s Mark Dantonio and his face!  Every time I see him, I just want to haul off punch him square in the mouth and I’m not a violent person >.<.  He reminds me of a comic book villain. . .or someone who is in a perpetual state of smelling feces.  Dude, that just gave me an idea!

So I’ve jumped to another location to do some work.  The bandwidth over here is light years faster than it is at my home base.  The gym over here is waaay better also!  It’s tri’s tonight so it shouldn’t be to bad of a recovery day afterwards.

As promised, I’ve been updating the profiles for the new characters. . .there’s an entire Sani-load of profiles coming up!  Additionally, I’ve added RSS feed capability to the site so if you want to subscribe to all of the updates and goodness that is TD, just press the RSS button at the bottom of the screen.  If you are using google chrome, which I’m a huge fan of. . .you will need to add the RSS feed extension to the browser.  It’s real easy to do.  I also want to send a shout out to some great artist who’ve really been helping me out:  Holly Rorke of course who has been my second head in this thing called an indie comic book endeavor. . .Dwayne Biddix– keep kicking butt, holmes!. . .and Stefano Marinetti– Gratzi, bro!

–GO BLUE!!!!


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