Did you get the message?!

Maaaan, I love Aranda!  It was awesome getting to see them today at SXSW in downtown Austin.  As I’ve stated earlier, I really don’t get the chance to see bands like that here.  Normally I have to travel to Dallas, Houston, Abilene, etc. to catch a show because Austin is normally chalk full of junk music. . .lol.  Aranda never disappoints and their vocals are sick!  I’d put their vocals up against anyone in the rock world right now.  The other thing I love about them is that they’re versatile.  They can go hard. . .they can get funky. . .they can even do ballads.  Normally, when rock bands do ballads, they tend to expose their vocal weakness (Breaking Benjamin for example– still love them though).  I’ve seen Aranda before in Dallas, but I wasn’t able to meet them like I did today.  It was great shaking their hands and telling them how awesome they are.  God bless those guys and I wish nothing but success for them.  If you’ve never heard of them, check them out!  They have two albums out. . .the latest being “Stop The World”.  They were also signed to Wind Up Records not too long ago, which is even more awesome!  And yes, I knew the word to every song. . .lol!  I will post pics soon.

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