Good Fight. . .Good Night! Welcome Soundgarden!

And now that–that is over. . . In one week Soundgarden will be unleashed on the rock world in a fiery blaze! Hopefully, this brings about change in what is considered real rock. I’ve been waiting eons for this to happen. SG fans have been pretty sure that this would never happen. WE’RE TAKING IT BACK! I’m as happy as a fat Sani in a lasagna store! Music, especially rock, just hits me a certain way. It calls out to the repressed animal in me. Additionally, I can get in mosh pits, kick butt and not worry about getting in trouble for it. This is another reason why I’ve focused a lot on the music that will be played in the short film. Not only do I contribute by shelling out a couple bucks to some of my favorite bands for music licenses, but I also get to let my audiences hear it. While I’m talking about music, I would like to send a shoutout to Shatterline and Signum AD. . .two bands that have been added to my Ipod rotation! WEIGHTS. . .WILL. . .BE. . .MOVED!!!!!

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