Less than a month away

It’s hard not to be geeked everyday I wake up. . .well 1) because I’m alive to harass everyone and 2) I’m going take an even bigger step towards one of my childhood dreams.  I know it’s not much to the average person, but man I’m happy to be doing this.  Sure it gets stressful at times, but what doesn’t?  As I pack my bags for the trip home, I think about cool things that have just transpired:

My partner in crime, AJ Allen, just dropped a voice over that was BA. . .well it was BA to me. . .to him it was work as usual. . .lol.  That clown also got Soundgarden tickets from his wife, Vanessa.  I think that trumps pretty much everything.  The only time I ever had tears of joy. . .Soundgarden concert ’97.

Another member of the Eidelons is being added to the short film script and I’m not telling who, but it was a member that I didn’t even think about.  After I heard the concept, I said, “Schweet, never thought about that. . . .”

Michigan Men’s Basketball just took it to Minnesota.  Definitely a good game to win after our performance against OSU.  MICHIGAN STATE, WE’RE COMING FOR YOU GREEN AND WHITE BUTT WINKS!!!!!  I had to get that out of my system.

And my strength is coming back. . .I feel better and better everyday.  I still need to find time to sleep. . .every time I think about sleeping, my mind starts racing with all the things I could be doing.  Then I start doing them only to find out I have to be at work in a couple of  hours.  Now that I think about it,  I should probably go to bed.  I just worked legs and “I’m down to absolute zero . . . .”

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