Am I motivated?

Well yes and no.  Yes, because we’ve finally got a DP locked in for the film so we can start doing some damage (and we have a bullet rig as stated before. . .that pretty much trumps everything).  No, because congress is jacking around and trying to kill our buzz and no, because Michigan football leaves a lot to be desired.  If the Wolverines don’t pull their heads out of their 4th points of contact this weekend against Minnesota, I’m done (I say that now)!  I just don’t need the stress. . .I’m getting too old for this mess. . .lol.

As far as film prep, I’ve changed my workouts to HIIT plans.  For those not in the know, this gets you shredded and reduces the taxing on your joints and ligaments (I said I was getting old).  Anyway, I’ve been kicking the crap out of myself so I can break this 255 lb plateau that I’ve hit for the last two weeks.  I’m ravenous as all get out and I just want to eat until I explode.  I’m likely going to incorporate some sprints soon. . .we’ll see.

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