Fairytales and getting amped

Now that we’ve had a day to wash the taste of that horrible bowl game out of our mouths (for those of us who watch football), I figured I’d put my two cents in.  Notre Dame sucks.  All season we heard all of the reasons why they were legit and my rebuttals fell on deaf ears.  Everybody seems to have forgotten about Hawaii in 2007.  The were undefeated and sucked too (fringe benefits of a weak schedule), luckily they were only ranked #10 so we didn’t have to watch crappy Championship game.  Georgia led by none other than Matthew Stafford, handed them their behinds in their bowl game!  I’m actually happy this game happened for numerous reasons:  It shows that the BCS ranking system leaves a lot to be desired and a playoff system is needed; Notre Dame was exposed for the weak team that they are; and this game woke a lot of people up–this is the real world.  This (forgive my grammar from this point on) ain’t no fairytale, kids– you don’t just magically win Championship games against hardcore teams after playing a weak season (heck, they barely beat Michigan after we turned the ball over 6 times– 6 TIMES!!!– and we didn’t play well this season).  We saw the movie “Rudy” and nobody is talking about seeing a sequel.  I’m not a bama fan by any means.  I’m serving a smorgasbord of crow. . .all of you ND bandwagon jumpers I hope you brought your appetites.

Since my return from hell’s kitchen, I’ve been hearing a lot of great new rock and I’m totally pumped!  Fozzy’s “Sandpaper”, Stone Sour’s “Absolute Zero, Alice in Chains’s “Hollow”. . . my workouts have just been insane!  I’m really happy that these bands are still tearing it up especially in the midst of the current state of the music industry.  Great bands are breaking up at alarming rates.  And it seems like the only way to survive is to do the whole “corporate rock” thing.  Ultimately, I blame us as fans for not being more supportive.  It just seems like we’re not as passionate about music anymore.  Well, I guess that means that I will have to cover down for the slackers!  I leave you with this Stone Sour Sovereign/Absolute Zero If this doesn’t get you amped. . . .


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