Surf & Turf

Here it is surf n turf night. . .and I can’t eat it all because I’m trying to get ripped again. AJ has already got a start on me, but I’ll be ready on D-day. Now that I’m in my 30s its a tad harder to get cut in a week. . .lol. I remember back when I could eat Burger King 3-5 times a day and still be shredded. I think they put crack in those burgers because they’re addicting. Speaking of food, I could really use some lasagna right now. . .man. I’m about to have my mom bake a protein cake to see how it tastes. I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but I’ll eat a cookie or cake once every blue moon. Now I think I understand what Oprah was going through. I like eating food– it makes me happy. . .especially when watching cartoons. I remember an African lady once told me that in order to truly enjoy your food, you should turn the TV off and mitigate any other distractions. . .she lost me at “TV off”. Well. . .I’m off to go eat some food. . .go figure . . .lol.

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