Under 250

Welp. . .yeah, I just said, “welp”. . .that word is so remedial. . .anyways. . .I got on the scale this morning and for the first time in 2 years, I was under 250 lbs. . . 247 to be exact!  Hopefully, I can keep this up for another couple of months without any sabotage. . .lol.  In the midst of dropping weight. . .my body is trying to stave off a cold. . .or pneumonia . . .nothing full blown yet.  I’m definitely happy with where I’m at.

In other news, the Wolverines are still undefeated in college hoops and still No. 3 in the standings as we just gave Arkansas the bidness!  You hear that Rayland?!  THE BIDNESS!!!

I know everyone is looking forward to Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. . . I hope everyone gets what they want. . .Me?  All I want is a parachute, a bugout bag, a short rifle and some big ole boots so I can take a running jump off of this fiscal cliff we’re heading towards. . .lol. . . .

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