I’m still not 100% on my boys, but the rout vs Illinois made me feel a little bit better. Tigers, great start! Valverde needs to be hung by his toes. I really don’t know what this cat’s deal is, but he sure enjoys blowing games. . .lol. It sucks that I will not be able to watch the UofM/MSU game this year. That’s the main game of the year for me. The spartans need to pay the piper! Let’s see how the Lions do.

This office is cold as Michigan in the winter. Time to bring out the space heater. There have been some pretty sweet tweaks to the script over the last couple of days. The good news is that I don’t have to do anything extra– it’s all on AJ. . .lol! Still wondering where we’re going to get this jukebox from. I guess I will put the feelers out to see where we can find one for a weekend. Time to get the gym gear on. . .do some damage to these shoulders!

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